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Returns Optimization & Forecast accuracy.

Creating a manageable Data pipeline workflow on server and designing a centralized view from multiple sources (Analytical Server, Sales Rep POS, Various Excel Sheets, Business Glossary) to ensure forecast cycle is automated. Achieved 2 digits percentile decrease in returns.

Increase Operational Visibility and Driving Business Sustainability.

Collecting different data sources to create the operations & business KPIs along with dashboards across all levels and organizations. Driving more Efficiency through aligning tasks with KPIs ownership to all business critical results and processes.

Process Mapping, Losses Funnel, Ops Metrics, and Data Analytics.

Operational assessment with Critical Control Points (CCPs) identification. Critical KPIs trending and operational KPIs for day-to-day visualization and analytics. This led to empowering decision making to drive business.

Using the legacy systems’ data to enable Operations.

Using a BI tool to model different processes and data sources into a single source of truth visual performance dashboard for Supply Chain Operations. Collecting different data sources into one useful informatics operational score card to enable decision making for various medical and emergency kits in the region.

Full Reporting Automation

Automating the reporting process for the analytics and business teams; enabling both standard and self-service Business Intelligence activities.

Centralized Decision Making Management Hub

With Multiple changing fast-paced moving data, and increasing data sources. Information for QNB group is one of the most valuable assets to use. Through Pegasus team expertise, Management team are always on top on the business decision making process with well informed structured reports and information.

Process Mapping, Data Analytics, and Performance Optimization.

Building wing-to-wing order to cash cycle detailed process map. Creating new metrics to measure the efficiency of all critical processes. Created dashboards to assess the performance and improve efficiencies.

Creating Data Pipeline & Data Analytics.

As one of the fastest growing Digital mobile payment platform, TPay needed the solutions that can handle their growing scale and the ever increasing demands of business today. Snowflake provided the truly modern data warehouse that can handle any size of data and looker provided the intelligence part, both working flawlessly together!

Construction sites WHs ERP readiness project.

Process review and transformation for the new polices and procedures into field instructions at sites. Training the sites WH teams to ensure the sustainability and right implementation of the new polices and procedures. Building a new standardized items mapping/coding. Translating the effort into process map/documentation to ensure right implementation of ERP.

Creating full data stack.

Creating a unified and automated data pipeline. Measuring every product development milestone against KPIs. Providing data transparency for executive levels. Empower employees to be data-driven. Machine learning with significant performance improvements.

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