Asmaa Magdi

Asmaa Magdi 1942 1942 Pegasus

Pegasus team eased our way of choosing the right platforms to build multiple use cases, and translate our data analytics strategy into real operations.

Ibrahim Q84Sale

Ibrahim Q84Sale 400 400 Pegasus

We implemented our new data strategy road map with Pegasus enablement; they expanded our horizon, supported us with their expert methodology, and articulated vision into tangible outcome.

Robert WHO

Robert WHO 614 550 Pegasus

For the first time in few years, we have been able to see multiple data meshed together in one single page without the need to manually transform and extract information from several sources. It is amazing that this was done in less than 2 days! Based on what I can see now, we are able to take decision on the right time and save more lives.


Logic 600 600 Pegasus

The Professional Experience they bring in the fields of Industry and Operational Excellence is noteworthy and represents the summation of different standards that not only ensure effectiveness, but also easy to apply across different levels of many organizations.


Emad MESCO 672 691 Pegasus

Made our life a lot easier on multiple frontiers.


Services-1 727 727 Pegasus

Their Knowledge and attention to details is commendable. They are not only capable in finding solutions that fit your needs, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions.